Friday, May 30, 2008

My BB Gurl's 1st Wardrobe

I have been looking around for my bb's clothes and it's so addictive! LOL. Buy and buy like it's free! But of course, I will only get it when it's really a good bargain. Hehe..check out the loot...(note that only selected are posted here haha). And who says gurls must always wear PINK only?? hehehe...

In order from top

1) 1st tiny little piece is a hand-me-down from my hubby's sis. The tiniest pc of clothing i have for bb! The one below is from Mothercare.

2) All from Mothercare.

3&4) From

5/6/7/8) Carter's (my Fav!) - From Taka Atrium sales last Mar i think.

9&10) From


  1. Hi huichin,

    I am Amabel's Mommy (msapple) from Aug08 MTB thread. Nice blog you have created It alway good to update it. And i love the cute shoes that you bought. So nice

  2. Hi Amabel's Mommy(msapple)! Thks thks. Yea Have just started blogging, so hope to be able to update it every now and then. Hahaa..yea..i lurve the little sets of shoes too! hehe..couldn't resist them :D