Thursday, August 7, 2008

The arrival of our 1st little bundle of H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S

Ok. She's here~! My little Princess Falisha Nadya. Her name means 'the beginning of happiness'. Finally! hehehe...

2 Aug 2008, Sat - 6am
Went to pee as usual at 6am. Was shocked to see some discharge. Knew it could be the 'show', heard from a friend that she got something similar to that, so i smsed to check if hers was like that.

2 Aug 2008, Sat - 6:48am
Felt very mild contractions like menses cramp. Instinct told me to monitor for an hr or so then see how(anyways clinic will only be open at 9am). The mild contractions were consistent on the average of 2-5mins. Become stronger by the hr.

2 Aug 2008, Sat - 9:10am
Called gynae's clinic and checked with the nurse. Said she'll call my gynae and check with him the next step. 5mins later, she called back and said Doc told me to admit straight to Eastshore. I was like, whoa so fast! LOL.

2 Aug 2008, Sat - 10.15am
Reached Eastshore and did admission procedures. Was in Labour ward by 10.30am. Midwife (i think) put me on the drip to make contractions come faster as instructed by gynae.

2 Aug 2008, Sat - 12:30pm
While waiting for my gynae, i heard next labour ward got woman whining and screaming. Goodness! Then Gynae arrived. Came to check - i was only 3cm dilated. He din warn me - and burst my water! Not the bursting painful, but the cervix check painful! LOL.

2 Aug 2008, Sat - 4pm
Started using the laughing gas, but din work for me leh. Very intense contractions started coming in. Hubby was very encouraging, told me to 'breathe in, out, in out'. Haha. But it was PAINFUL!!! Seriously! But i tahan n so no Epi for me. Nurse came to check and told me not to tahan anymore, ask if i wanna use jab on my right thigh n i agreed. Gynae came to check again n i was abt 8cm dilated. 2cm more to go!

2 Aug 2008, Sat - 5+pm
Super contractions came in - PAIN!!! Whoa...cannot tahan siah! Every min was like torturing! Nurse said can push liao, so push and push and push. Duno how many pushes - i lost count! It was such excruciating pain, i almost gave up! Like i was wondering how can i EVER push bb out?? I was also wondering when the hell Doc will SNIP me. Hahah. 2 Nurses, n my hubby was there. One of them was assisting to push bb out from my tummy - i couldn't care less anyways. Gynae finally came and started his work. Told me to try harder. I think i lost too much energy trying the initial pushes. Then, i heard gynae said," I think her BB need some help. I was wondering, vacuum? Forceps? No way! So one FINAL PUSH, my Baby Princess Falisha is out at 1737hrs! LOL. What surprised me was that, she's only 2.73kg at 48cm. Imagine less than 3kg aredy so hard to push, whatmore bigger bbies? Hahah...Straightaway i tot...Mums are the greatest! I am a proud Mummy who went Al-Natural! hehe...

Baby Falisha is very clever - i kept telling her that my Gynae was gonna go on leave on the 3 Aug 2008 onwards, and she chose to pop on the day before - and got him to deliver at last! Heehee...kept telling her that if she wants him to deliver her, she can choose whenever she wants to pop!

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