Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Mummy is a C.U.S.H.I.O.N

Ok fine. Yes. I'm so cushioned, BB Falisha will always fall asleep lying on me. Haha...it's been a really tiring 10 days after her arrival, but all is worth it. Everytime i look at her small little cute face, it just melts my heart. Falisha is slowly getting used to the surroundings, and we are oso slowly getting used to her routines. Haha.

Falisha is full of expressions. She lurves to smile, even when she's sleeping. haha. But I caught this interesting one, cos i think she's wondering why her Mummy is busy snapping pix of her and laughing to herself. LOL. BTW as u can see, my hubby's grandma 'lines' Falisha with eyeliner ard her eyes and eyebrows. The cross-looking symbol between her brows apparently wards off evil. LOL. Yes i know. Very traditional. And all the eye-lining is the 'secret remedy' to super dark eyelines and lashes and brows! Duno how true it is. LOL. Hubby and I were just debating who Falisha looks like more. I must agree that compare from birth till now, her eyelids are much thicker. But yes, for now she looks more like an Indian BB to me. Bleahhh


  1. OMG~~~ she is so lovely!!!! I cannot wait to meet her in person !!! :)