Friday, November 7, 2008

The M.A.I.D

Hahaha...ok i know the picture looks scary and it has nothin got to do with my post actually. Posted the pix just for the fun of it. Haha..same title mah :P

Ok last evening my hubby told me that the maid that we applied for (use our names, but supported by my MIL + her siblings - long story la) to take care of his Ah Ma is here and 'ready for collection'! Hahaha...hope that she can manage taking care of the Ah Ma and once she's settled down ok, my MIL told us to let her take care of Falisha. Actually i dun want I dun feel comfortable with it, but what to do. I wanna take care of Falisha MYSELF. I would really really like to, but how to?? Standard of living in S'pore so high, how can one spouse not work in a family? It's impossible(unless my hubby earn 8-10k a month la)!

So far i've set up my mind, if the maid is taking care of Falisha, she'll only be in her care during weekdays.
Well I've never liked the idea of having a maid taking care of my kids. As long i'm in the house, i will take care of my darlin! I still wanna bathe her, feed her, wash her clothes, do the laundry and hang out dry, fold her clothes(i have my own style of folding), wash me and my hubby's clothes. She can help me fold our clothes if she wants to. Haha...i'm not hoping for a super-maid, so long she treats my hubby's Ah Ma well and of course Falisha, i'm fine.

OMG...lost of privacy loh! The house is super crowded now siah...i'm running outta space to put my stuff :(

Anyway, wish me(or rather us) luck k!

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