Thursday, January 8, 2009

GoodBye B.M.

Being a working Mum now, i feel that it's damn difficult to manage and juggle the balance between work and personal life. My kinda shitload work nowadays makes me:

1) Skip my breatmilk-pumping times
2) Stretch the hours longer to the next pump
3) Produce lesser breast milk - thanks to the stress
4) See my daughter/Hubs for only freakin' 2hrs before she goes to Zzz-mode
5) Many others, but these are the main concern

How come no one told me so??

I promised myself to keep giving Falisha BM for at least 9mths before I finally gave in. But now it's not even 6mths and my BM is diminishing very quickly. I feel so depressed. Sighs.

Mummies out there, if you still have lotsa BM 5-6mths after you gave birth to your little one, keep giving your little one the better option k! I would really very much like to but too bad i can't. Sighs. I'm sorry Falisha. I have tried my best.


  1. Hiya HuiChin..

    Dunno if you still remember me. Holly here. ex-XMer. Congrats on ur lil gal. Just happened to passby ur blog with dunno who's links. Very sweet and cute lil gal.


  2. Hi Holly! Of course i remember you! Thanks thanks! Such a small world rite! hehe...

    How old is ur lil one now?

  3. he is 6 mths old le. a mth older den ur sweetie i think. He came out prematurely by 2 mths. so suppose to be didi to ur gal but now a korkor. hahaha.