Friday, April 24, 2009

Is this how HE.L.P.F.U.L our country's welfares are now?

Recently, a very close family-like friend has entered a serious state of Cancer and needs to undergo op asap. They desperately need financial aid so i helped them looked around and found the society who supports the needy who kena this type of illness.

I emailed them to make enquiries, only to be ARROWED to some other sources with just 2-sentence replies in two emails. I read through her replies over and over again, wondering whether is it my english is too lousy or is it just her. I even showed it to a colleague to ask for opinion and she agreed with me: The lady didn't really answer my question.How lame can that be? I am totally DISGUSTED by this type of 'helpful' spirit of our fella country mate. What the hell?? This lame soul didn't even ask me further about the background of our friend and just said, '
we could not help'. WOW.

Just one simple approach from us and the UGLY side of the truth spills out.

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