Friday, September 11, 2009

I Heart W.O.R.D.W.O.R.L.D

Believe it or not, I've fallen in love with this very interesting Children's Program, WordWorld, now showing on Starhub Cable TV, Playhouse Disney Ch 34. I feel that it's seriously incorporated learn AND play into one lovely 3D animation series, I sooOoo cannot wait for Falisha to start understanding TV educational programs other than her usual dance and sing and shapes & colours kinda videos. Hahaha..i tot of getting the DVDs already, but dunno whether is it wayyy too early to get it. Probably a nice age is when Falisha hits 2 years old? Can read and understand things alil' better? Hah. Maybe I should just buy and keep 1st yea.

The insect ant is formed with the letters A, N & T, the animal sheep formed with the letters S,H,E,E & P, and teaches viewers (why i dun mention kids cos i'm oso watching mah) how to form Words by adding letters together - what a nice concept! heehehe... As the stories usually revolve around the animals in the farm, the words are kinda limited though. But I still lurve it :)

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