Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have you got yours?

I have been wondering, if this is a common situation to see everyday. Old folks taking MRT or buses, have been holding on to the poles of the public transport for their dear lives while they struggle to stable themselves on the moving vehicles. Preggie woman with huge stomaches, aching backs and feet trying to do the same, protecting their tummies from idiots who bump into them without blinking an eye. Mothers who are carrying one or two kids with bags of several sizes. I noticed today while taking a feeder bus to Eunos MRT station - that the sign pasted on the bus itself says - Please give up your seat to the elderly. So what about the Mothers-to-be? And the mothers with kids (alone)? I Know it doesn't matter what sign it shows anyways. If not old folks are not getting their seats, what more for us as preggies?

And yes, I'm F.A.T, but I'm pregnant too!

Anyways, I'm not pinning hopes (or rather, ANY at all) that thru'out my very 1st pregnancy someone will surprise me and give up his/her seat. I sure kena 4D or TOTO man! Hahaha...heng i'm a Big Mama-to-be so I guess my centre of gravity is pretty good, and i can still stable myself without much trouble. But at times my aching back always make me feel very irritated - what can i do? Nowadays i can't stand too long at one shot. So i gotta face that fact. Bleahhh...
What can we do about people who pretend to be:
Sleeping (Especially upon seeing pregnant women - AMAZING!)
• Playing games
• Talking on the phone
• SMS-ing
• Talking to friends beside them
• or even 'stoning' (Can you believe it?!)
So good luck to you, the rest of the MTBs!


  1. what u think if u just go ahead and ask them for the seat ? hahaha

  2. Muahahaaa...chances are, either they will:

    1) Ignore me
    2) Pretend to sleep
    3) Scold me

    Hahaha....I wun be surprised~!