Friday, June 13, 2008

~ List of things to G.E.T ~

  1. Chest of drawers
  2. Baby cot mattress
  3. Mattress protector / bed sheets
  4. Crib bumper pads
  5. Bath tub
  6. Musical mobile
  7. Digital thermometer
  8. Pigeon Rapid Steam Steriliser + tongs
  9. Feeding bottles / teats
  10. Bottle & teat brushes
  11. Bottle drying rack
  12. Terryhood towels
  13. Car Seat
  14. Baby sling / carrier
  15. Stroller
  16. Changing mat (plastic?)
  17. Rocking chair / glider
  18. Baby pillows / bolster
  19. Creams / lotion / shampoo / wash / powder
  20. Pigeon clothes detergent
  21. Baby wipes
  22. Nail scissors
  23. Disposable diapers
  24. Baby swaddle!

* Faint *


  1. Hahahaa..long hor! I tot so too~! LOL. Hopefully by end June i can settle most of it siah..

  2. hey hey

    just a note. u don't need to get EVERYTHING in ur list. People will definitely buy some of the items for u when ur baby is born.

    and u may want to consider this site:
    the shop's in China Square if I'm not wrong, and the baby products are good even for babies with sensitive skin.

  3. Hahaaa..ayea..but i'm gettting those necessary ones in general. Things like pram / car seat all those, i will wait till later then get it - should no one gives it as a pressie. Hehe...i dun wanna take the risk of depending on ppl then in the end i lack of those things tt i need to use immediately! hehe...

    But thanks for the recommendation yea~ HEHE...