Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm sweating like a C.O.W!

Do you?

Goodness, I am, and it's scary! Before i got preggie, i was already a super sweaty person. All inherited from my Mum. Hahaa..when i was staying with her before married we used to challenge each other and see who sweats more while doing housework at home. Can you believe it! It's really incredible and super unbelievable...

And now that I'm pregnant, it got worst! Oh my, i feel like i'm in Sauna everyday! Even my hubby couldn't understand why i can sweat like a cow at home - even when the fan is ON! And i'm getting complains on why i have to switch on the aircon together WITH the fan! hahaa...but i really can't help it! It's not my fault that i feel hot leh... as if i like it and asked for it!

Is there anyone like me? Bleahhh


  1. hihi,
    me too, feel very hot everyday. Am so scare of confinement now. Cannot bathe somemore, sian!

  2. Hahahaa...same loh! At home, lagi worse. At least at ofis got aircon! LOL. But heng me not gonna follow the chinese style - cannot bathe for duno how many days. Heh..

  3. Hihi, stumbled on your blog from another user's blog from Singapore motherhood forum :) My id there Briebaby - very long never post ald. Hope u don't mind I bkmark your blog - at least blog I can keep track who is who - on the forum, I'm lost all the time cos too fast for me.

    Anyway, I just wanna say hi. I oso feeling very very hot these days. Want to be env-friendly use less aircon oso cannot.

    Ladies, the instructor at my antenatal class say cannot bathe during confinement is becos in ancient china (passed down thru generations), they don't have warm and running water. The wound we may get from our births may also get infected when we soak in the tubs (ancient pple bathe in tubs). They oso dun have hair-dryers to dry their hair after wash, thus cannot wash. So, don't worry about bathing during confinement :)

  4. Heloos Dinky! You're welcome to 'bookmark' me! LOL. i got very 'HOT' kakis then! heehe..really cannot hubby sooo scared of me - everytime i reach home i will switch on the fan. FAN only he scared liao! LOL.

    Oh wow...that's a pc of very useful info from ur antenatal class! i know y! LOL.

  5. hi hui chin this is madhu. I have a pregnant friend who refuses to leave the house in the afternoon cos its hot. And i think she feels so warm that she has tiny white bumps all over her!

    You're not alone babes! :)

  6. Hi Madhu! Hahaaa...ok so i'm not alone - at all! hahaa...YES this week of MC is a killer! Though can get rest, cannot get the shiokerdoos aircon in the office! Hahaa...