Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brina a.k.a Brian.

Sista. Friend. Colleague.

Brina's leaving S'pore for good. 2nd time somemore! Dunch like him! Always doing this to me. Sob. Knew him since way back in 2005 in one of our advertising agency. Still remember he was still a very new A.E and very much scared of everything. On his 1st day of work, he was sooooooo decent! Hahaha...But this thai hiao poh actually showed me the friendliness of the sistahood and became a very close fren. We went skating together. Damn fun! Somemore he jio me to join the gym and i managed to lose some pounds. LOL.

A couple of years after he left, we're back to working in the same co. again. Now I'll miss the times he share with me his weird fart & burp stories and gross encounters. No one will come and play and mess up my hair and ask for any food and dirty my work area and tok to my tummy and ask my bb weird questions liao. No more. And the super sad part - he will NOT be here when my BB comes into this world! Bleahhh...