Thursday, July 10, 2008

All H.O.P.E is not lost!

Oh my goodness. A guy in his mid-30s gave up his seat to me this morning when i was travelling in the MRT to work! May the Lord bless him! rare can it get? I was so surprised when he tried to wave at me - i tot he was saying hi to his fren near me! Muahahaa...Oh my, there's still some bit of hope left afterall! Hehee...i smiled to him and said 'Thankyu' like twice. Hehe...that really perked up my day! I'm really grateful to him as i really needed a seat - after getting the stoopid pain in my lower left back. But i wasn't expecting anything like that at all in this Singaporean society. Really eases my pain alittle. LOL...i hope he's a fellow Singaporean though, not some very kind foreigner man...Haha. Thanks, dude, once again!

Supposingly, today's blog is abt rantings on my sleepless nites, backaches, leg cramps & some stoopid Auntie who stared at my tummy and then me n then my hubby last evening at Tampines Mall, but getting this nice treatment from a stranger this morning makes me forget abt these irritation temporarily. Haha.

Have you been lucky recently?

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