Wednesday, July 23, 2008

False Contraction - Episode #1

Goodness! Had a bad scare last Friday, 18 July 08. Woke up earlier than usual in the morning, cos I needed to attend a staff meeting - chaired by my big boss. When i was abt to leave the house, i felt a crampy feelin in my tummy - so thought i needed to take a big dump, which i did. After that, that crampy feeling still lingered in my tummy. And worse of all, it spread to my lower right back. It was a weird feeling altogether - something which i've never felt before.

I put away the thought and hoped it would subside after awhile. Hubby offered to send me to the MRT station, so i gladly agreed. But when i checked my watch, i would be late if i were to take MRT to work. So i told hubby, i wanted to take cab. He was so sweet (even he was gonna be late) he offered to send me to work. Best la! i happily got into the car (with the weird crampy feeling in my tummy n back). Immediately when i sat in, i started to have cold sweat. The feelin was unbearable. Hubby asked if i felt the pain every 5mins, it wasn't exactly like that, i told him. Soon, it became more n more unbearable i started to panic. I finally decided to call my colleague to ask her advice. She told me better to drop by my gynae's for a checkup. So i did.

On the way down to the clinic, the pain got worse. Buay tahan leh! Hubby was trying to divert my attention by talking to me, hoping i won't think too much of the pain. Instead, i told him - do not ask me questions that i need to think! I can't talk n think right now! Hahaa....was feelin pissed siah...poor hubby :P

When i reached the clinic, Dr. wasn't in yet, so the nurses called him and he informed them to put me on the CTG to monitor my contractions + Baby's heartbeat. BB was soooooo active! Moving abt so much that the nurse had to keep adjusting the device to locate her heartbeat sound several times. Think she was having fun swimming in the big pool in my tummy. Haaha...

After 30mins, my contractions died down...left with mild cramps. Boy, i was so weak by the time Dr. arrived. Aiyoo...when he popped by to see how i was, he asked me,"So, are u ready to give birth?" I was like,"HUH??" Shocked me siah! WHen the nurses told me to enter Dr's room, he said that i had 3 options:
  1. If he check my cervix has started to dilate, he'll induce me.
  2. He'll insert a pill to 'bring forward' the contractions.
  3. Wait n see.
I din know what to think. Just sat there and listen. The only worry on my mind is that BB's weight/size - is she ready to come out? So i told him, both me and hubby prefer the last method. So indeed, when he scanned my bb, she was only 2.57kg. How can? Too small la...risky. So he said, "Alright, i guess u're just left with option #3." Hahaa...but he told me i needed to take a good rest at home, so ask me how many days of MC i wanted ( i din got Dr actually asks patients this type of qtn haha). I said, 2 days should be sufficient. THen he said," Are you sure? I think i better give u till next Fri, so u'll have one full week of rest at home k!" So i said ok loh(too shocked liao). Hahaha...

And here i am, resting at home, refraining myself from do work. Mon n Tue was so slow-passing...Lucky hubby was around these 2 days to accompany me. Today i felt better, so tot wanna wash my BB's bedsheet/pillow/bolster cases and sun the cushions (since they are all very light and small) - it rained! Spoil my day man! BLeahhh...

Now, i hope my BB will keep growing to the right size, so she can pop soon. Can't wait to see her! Hehee...


  1. chinchin!!! miss you at work so much!!! when you give birth, please do remember to let me know ok? :)

  2. i miss u too Emma! heeehee..will inform u when i pop k! haahaa...

  3. Hey Oldtoosss,

    Was wondering in my mind if u have popped earlier too cos I din see u online for soooo many days...Keekee...keep me posted ya!