Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Little B.O.T.A.K

Last night Falisha had her head shaved. Now she looks like a monk, a boy, and especially a cabbage patch kid doll! Ahahaha...hopefully her hair will grow more and grow back quick! LOL...oh Now i know how u feel, Uncle Brian (an ex-colleague a Thai who went for monkhood recently)! Muahahaaha

Look at the 1st photo, my Mum popped by earlier and was playing with her, Falisha laughed! I've neber seen her laugh like that before, only smile. Hahaha...Mothers always the best, Mothers know it all! My mum was playing with her till she laughed. My heart melted when i saw her laughing. How amazing!


  1. i've been trying to catch a pic of her laughing/smiling too..

  2. Talk & play with her more, soon u will be happily snapping away! hehe...