Monday, September 15, 2008

Falisha's D.A.Y out

On a Sunny last Sunday, we decided to bring Falisha to visit my Ah Ma (Paternal) @ the old folks home( Ah Ma damn gan zheong liao haha) - it's abt time. We wanted to wait till she reaches at least a month old then bring her out - immune system not so strong yet mah. LOL.

Falisha was a real sleepy head! Piangs...the moment we stepped outta our house, she was real fast asleep.

Then in the car, she slept.

When we arrived at my Mum's place to pick her and my Bro & Sis up, she slept.

When we arrived at my Ah Ma's place, she slept.

Whoa piangs! Hahaha...think she really cannot tahan the Sun man. Must bring her out more! Hehehe...


  1. bernice sleeps alot when we go out too :) esp car rides

  2. Hahaha...i guess the aircon and the moving vehicle makes them super comfy la! hehe..