Thursday, September 11, 2008

Express Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F

Recently I realised Falisha has been doing quite a no. of funny expressions to me. Hehehe...i couldn't help it, but to snap a few good shots (i tried my best :P).

Here you go:

Eh yo! My name is Falisha :)

Ahh toooooooor...I'm trying on the Bruce Lee look. Eh sai boh?

Heheheh...u must be expecting more right...hmm.

Wahhhhh~~! Quit playing Mummy! I want my milk now!!!


  1. Hahaha.. Hey so cute... the Bruce-Lee-look seems like your kind of look when you were trying to think or something lor.. and why you use your leg to KIAP your daughter!!!

  2. Muahahaa..Thanks hor hannah! Yea i think her expressions follow me n y style leh..gaaagagaga...

  3. so cute.. she looks like u now .. very sweet .. the pictures so cute cos incl ur feet also .. hahah

  4. Ahahaha..oops~! Actually din realise until i was looking thru the photos taken and going to upload. My UGLY feet! LOL...Need pedicure liao man! LOL...

  5. she's so cute!!!! love the expressions!!

    my son was full of expressions too, kinda miss the wacky faces he used to make now..heh..