Thursday, September 4, 2008

The N.O.T.T.I.E Little Girl Who Controls My Time

OMG. Falisha is sleeping soOOOooo peacefully. When she's sleeping, I can do my stuff. It's my free time(supposingly!). My schedule's like this in the daytime:

(To standby anytime she wakes up)
- Wake Falisha up
- Check whether poopoo or not
- Warm up Breastmilk
- Getting the bath ready for her Royal Highness
- Bath time
- Milk time
- Sleep time
- Pump milk

Afternoon (To standby anytime she wakes up)
- Exercise (She might wake up anytime)
- Do the laundry (She might wake up anytime)
- Fold clothes (She might wake up anytime)
- Shower
(She might wake up anytime)
- Pump milk again (She might wake up anytime)
- Cook (sometimes) (She might wake up anytime)
- Check mail (maybe only) (She might wake up anytime)

Can u imagine? 24 hrs is soOoo not enuf for me! Goodness...everytime my little princess wakes up, i have to drop whatever i'm doing halfway then attend to her 1st.'s a '50-50' situation!


  1. I dont do the 1st point (waking bb up) cos every morning I pray she sleeps longer so I can sleep longer too.. hahaha

  2. Ahahaha...nowadays i have to wake her up cos she doesn't sleep much at nite then end up waking up later n later and i gotta bathe her b4 noon usually(though i oso long to sleep longer!), so no choice. LOL