Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Princess Falisha turns O.N.E Month old today!

OMG! My darling Baby is One month old liao! So fast! Her cheeks are getting chubbier by the day, and i'm restraining myself from pinching them. Haha..Grow well and healthy, my Baby :)

On our way to 'Popo's' house. Hehe...Falisha's 1st time outta da house!

Falisha's young 'havoc' Ah Lian Grandma (Popo)~! Hehehe..

Last Sun brought Falisha to my Mum's place, despite the 31 July 08 being 2 days away from her full month. Since it's a weekend and a nice timing, Mum told me to bring her darlin grand daughter to her house - like a chinese custom thingy. Hahaha...so it was like a mini gathering where my own Ah Ma and a couple of Aunty and Uncle came by. It was fun! My Mum was so excited, i would say she took care of Falisha all the way ever since we reached her house! Gagaga...cannot blame her la hor, excited mah. Heheh...And Falisha was such a guai guai dearie, she was awake for the longest time! And my family and relatives kept snapping pictures of her, they looked like the Paparazzi la! Muahaha... And that surprised me too...hehe...like as if she knows she's at a different and everyone's there to see her, so she must be awake to 'entertain' the guests. Gagaga...


  1. time really flies hor ... sigh .. sometimes i miss the little darling that was just born, sometimes i miss the preggy feeling ..

  2. Happy First Month Princess Falisha!!! May you be healthy & pretty always!!!
    Luv, Aunty Eunice & Uncle Faisal

  3. Yea Dardar, very fast! Sometimes i oso miss the movement in my tummy feeling...hahaa...but when i think abt my suffering towards the end of my pregnancy (the last 2 wks), i'm actually kinda relieved! LOL...

  4. Thanks for the well wishes Aunty Eunice and Uncle Faisal! Hehehe...i can't wait for ur turn leh! Gagagagaa