Friday, October 16, 2009

My Dear Ah Lao has L.E.F.T

For work in KL. For a new future.'s been 5hrs 25mins since I've last saw him. But I'm starting to miss him already. When we parted just now, I was fighting my tears so hard, I was worried I'll just burst out sobbing instead, right there, in front of him. Good thing I managed to hold back. I wanted him to go with a good mood, good feeling, instead of being heavy-hearted.

This is just a temporary arrangement, some say. You'll get used to it over time. Yea, but I still need to go thru this period isn't it?? Sighs..hope he'll call me soon tonight. He promised to call when he's reached there and settled down today.


  1. Is he there permanently? It'll get easier over time. I am almost immune to it. You can always visit him - fly on Fireflyz - so much easier.

  2. Oh not like permanently yet, but need some time to settle down 1st. He'll be there for as long as it takes. Oh Marnie u mean Meraj is also always flying in and outta SG nowadays?

    Eh this Firefly thingy - issit safe or not? hahahaa

  3. So far so good. Fireflyz is a subsidiary of MAS.

    Yeah lah..Meraj is still travelling a lot. Now we're discussing about him going to Sydney for a month in March next year so that he can try to find something permanent there towards our eventual move to relocate out of Singapore.

  4. Oh my...i totally understand how u feel siah..sianz. Hv u tried Firefly b4 btw?

  5. Yup, I have taken it 2 times before! First time was when they first operated their first flight. Coincidently, Nad turned 1 month on the day..hahahaha.

    Fireflyz is easier cos' it goes into Subang so if you're heading towards the city centre in a cab, it's much easier. Otherwise, flights into KLIA would suffice especially if you have someone picking you up.