Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chinny's 1st post in 2010

Wow. I cannot imagine the last post I blogged about was in Oct '09. That's like freakin' long hiatus! LOL...

Anyways, I decided to start blog again - thanks to Leonny & Xiaxue. Reading their blogs inspired me to blog again after so long, and also to start 'photoblogging'! hehee...I hope it's not a periodical thing. Really wanna know more about photography and blogging skills, and I really envy these gd bloggers who can blog for a living (in a way la). Nice :)

Since this is my very 1st blog in 2010, I shall start with the 'resolution thingy'. Hahaa.

So here goes:

1) To be able to be with my Ah Lao more often (since he's in KL & bk here on & off)
2) To be able to spend more time with my darlin' Falisha
3) Start bringing Falisha to weekend classes and attend together for educational/creative learning
4) Repair my aircon (damn hot these days bueh tahan :( )
5) 24" iMac - Yes it's still in my 'want' list
6) Canon EOS 5D Mark II - Yes it's more ex then my desktop iMac (very ambitious I know :P)
7) Canon EOS 500D/550D (the more budget one haha)
8) Pick up photography skills
9) Shoot more pics of my darlin Falisha (her growing up) & of course everything else
10) Blog more often
11) Lose weight (yea right)
12) Pick up webbie-design/editing


  1. ohhh.. finally u're posting again :) miss your blog

  2. Heh! Thanks for the support. Have to blog more often! LOL... be back here for more posts k!