Monday, June 28, 2010

My Little L.A.D.Y

This is exactly what Falisha will do when she sees me holding my hp or cam trying to snap some shots of her. Haha...I sometimes ask her to smile, then she'll give me this ugly 'smiling' face. And then I simply felt stoopiak [read: stupid & needs to be slapped] after I said to her ok ok don't smile. BEST. I now know why sometimes kids thought that adults are contradicting people. Hahah...when I look back at those funny shots such as this, I cannot help but laugh to myself. LOL.

Recently she has been starting to say 3-word sentences. After which I hear liao I dunno whether to laugh or cry.

One example: After patting her for like 30mins for night sleep around 11:30-ish, she suddenly sat up from super sleepy mode to wide-awake saying 'I want...i-cweeem [ice cream]. My jaw dropped. Like in shock mode. I asked Falisha,'What did you say Darling?' She went,'I want I-CWEEEEEEM!' this time round like abit pek-chek. OMG. Then next thing I know, she said [like as if I din get it] 'Mummy I want cho-co-ret'. I was still having the shock face and finally she said,'I want shweet-shweet!' 

Champion la my little girl! Asking for these super no-no things in the middle of the night, I wanted to laugh but had to hide it and look strict and say,'No Darlin it's late night aredy, you need to sleep!' Then she threw and mini-fit and I had to use the 'scolding' tone to stop her nonsense. Then she just lay down and sleep. Winner!

Sometimes when I bring her out to 'walk-walk' abit she'll be in super good mood, sometimes she'll just call out loudly 'Mummy! Mummy-ah-mummy!' then run over to me and hug my humongous leg, smiling. How swheeet siah.

She's growing up by the day. OMG. My Little Lady. 



  1. u make me wan to have kids lor

  2. LOL. Faster find one angmoh girl la. Ohohoho...

  3. so sweet .. there are such joys when they are not in the "devil" mode.. hahaha