Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eames' Beautifully Crafted Stuff

I am so so so so sooooo madly in lurve with you Eames. Hhahaa...Dear hubby, don't be jealous - if you're reading this post. I hope you will feel the same as I do. Hahha...Eames is a great designer and I've grown to be a huge fan of his! I've seen his chairs everywhere - one of the restaurants at Clarke Quay, home interior deco magazines, and MORE home decorating magazines. It's like everywhere, be it local or overseas. Or rather, is it that I just happen to have fate with his awesome chairs and they're just calling out to me this whole time. I seriously have no idea. LOL. But I am so in love with his beautiful crafted works. Look at them. Just take a look I beg you! Then you might understand what the hell I am crazy about. And I have plans. Even though I am still suffering from very bad case of diarrhea + rumbling tummy, I still cannot stop myself from secretly blogging (at work) :P

Again, when I have plans for my future HSH (read: Home Sweet Home), I still think there's a long long way ahead for me. Don't know when that will be, when it will come true, but I will still keep my faith there. 

I wanna have one of these as my 'work chair' in my home (work area). Yes the beautiful ORANGE padded one with wooden legs please. It simply looks so awesome, I can just hyperventilate whenever I take a look a the photos. 


And I love the padded one! Especially the padded one. It's like an extra comfort as compared to the usual Eames plastic chair. Hehe, way to go man! So, I will have one for my working area, and 6 for my dining table. Yes pls Dear, pls make my dream come true. I've never felt such a sooooo strong liking for anything before. This is the ONE(other than you & Falisha of course) hurhurhur. I soooooo wanna get it! Let's just hope it's not wayyy too expensive for my(OUR) pockets.

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