Friday, November 2, 2012

No-bake Nutella Cheesecake

During my maternity leave, I had a small gathering at my place with some Mummy friends so I decided to surprise them with this self-created dessert. This is a very simple no-bake dessert that everyone can do J

What you need [ Makes about 6 med-size dessert cups ]
For the biscuit crust
- 12 pcs of McVities biscuits
- ½ bar of butter

For the cream cheese
- 4 tbsp of Nutella (add more if you like the taste to be stronger)
- Icing sugar
- 1 bar of Philadelphia cream cheese (room temp)

For the toppings & deco

- Sliced peaches

- Fresh strawberries (Sliced)

- Mini dessert cups (I got mine from Daiso)

Making the crust
- Mash/process the biscuits till it resembles fine crumbs. For me, I put the biscuits
  into a big ziplock bag and crushed it with something hard, like a pin roller or a mug,
  with a small folded towel underneath it on the kitchen top 
- Melt butter in the microwave and mix well into the crumbs. Make sure all the 
  crumbs are thoroughly coated by the melted butter or else it won't harden when 
  chilled. If the crumbs looks still dry and powdery, melt a little more butter and 
  adjust accordingly
- Fill in the crumbs mixture into the dessert cups to about 1cm height
- Place the cups into the fridge and chill till harden (at least 2 hours)

Making the Nutella cream cheese
- In a big mixing bowl, whip cream cheese and the icing sugar (sieved) till
  thoroughly mixed
- Scoop a small portion of the cream cheese into a dessert cup
- Add in ¾ teasp of Nutella and stir with a small fork to create swirls
- Repeat the same for the rest of the cups & chill for 3-4 hours or till the
  cheese hardens

Preparing the dessert deco
- Slice the fruits into small neat pieces
- Make sure the fruits are almost 'dried' if they are direct from the cans
- Get ready to decorate your cheesecake with the fruit toppings
- Chill for another 30mins

Create your own style of Nutella cheesecake! Nice and freshing dessert :)