Friday, November 2, 2012

Chinny's Chicken Mayo Delight

This mini appetizer is something great for home parties and mini gatherings. Small yet yummy and looks appealing too!

What you need [Cooks for 4-6]
- 1 Baguette from Delifrance (Sliced to 1cm thickness)

- 2 pcs Chicken fillet

- Mayo (Your own preference)
- Cucumber (sliced)
- Tomato (sliced)
- Chicken picnic ham
- A tbsp of butter

For the Seasoning
- Pepper


- Heat a table spoon of butter in the frying pan (I use my trusty HappyCall) and pan grill the chicken for 10 mins or till it turns tender
- Let cool before you chop the chicken fillets into fine dices
- Add in the mayo & pepper and mix well
- Decorate your mini appetisers as desired

Note: I toasted my baguette for that extra crunchiness J

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