Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Mediterranean night! Beef Patty Kebab

{Beef Patty Kebab}
(serves 4 persons)

What you need
- 5 beef/chicken burger patties
- 3 large eggs (for making omelette)
- Any kind of wraps
- a handful of fresh greens like cucumber/tomatoes/lettuce (sliced thinly)
- honey chipotle mayonnaise (got this in cold storage but I think it’s seriously rare)
- chilli sauce

- Pan-fry the meat patties with a few drops of oil (if you’re using HCP)
- While your patties are being cooked, beat the 3 eggs and season with a pinch 
  of salt and a dash of pepper
- Return to pan and cut your almost-cooked patties into strips
- Set aside
- Use half a tablespoon of oil in your HCP and start cooking the egg omelette. 
  Adjust the thickness of the omelette up to your own preference yea J
- Once cooked, roll up the egg omelette and sliced it into 2cm-wide strips
- Lay your wrap on a flat plate
- Arrange the omelette strips, vege, and patty strips in the same direction on top 
  of one another
- Season with chilli sauce and honey chipotle mayonnaise
- Roll it up, cut into half and serve :)

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