Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mapo Tofu (Spicy Sauce Beancurd)

{Mapo Tofu}
Be flexible with this dish, you can add any extra ingredients as you desire :)

Appliance used
- HappyCall Pan

What you need
- Soft tofu in box roughly diced
- Chicken minced meat
- Red pepper (capsicum)
- Fine French bean cut in 2 inches long
- Finely chopped garlic
- Sliced fish cake (optional)
- Lee Kum Kee spicy bean sauce

- Put 1.5 tablespoons of cooking oil in ur HCP
- Fry the garlic until light brown and throw in the minced chicken
- Pan-fry till meat is cooked and garlic looks golden brown
- Add in the French bean and stir fry for 2 mins
- Add in the Mapo sauce and stir for 2 mins till fragrant
- Add in fishcake and then the tofu
- Cook for another 2 mins and wala! It's done :)
*PS: Please pardon me with the slightly blurry image, I took it with my iphone :P

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