Thursday, April 5, 2012

No-bake Mini Fruity Tart

I was wondering if I could do something that doesn't require ANY cooking at all. And I found it! was a combination of the Jelly Strawberry Cheesecake and the usual fruit tarts - and wala! Simple yet so fun and tasty!

{No-bake Mini Fruity Tarts}

Makes about 20 mini tarts

For the cookie base
- 10-12 pcs of Mcvities plain digestives wheat biscuits
- 90-100g butter (melted into liquid - I used salted :P)
  If you prefer more buttery taste add more and if you want it healthier can stick 
  to this amount

For the cream
- 160ml of whipping cream
- 50g of icing sugar (adjust if you prefer less or sweeter)
- Pinch of salt
- 3-4 tablespoons of Philadelphia cream cheese (room temperature)
- Tin or aluminium cups/moulds

For the topping
- Any fruit slices like peach, strawberry, kiwi, grapes etc

Prepping the cookie base
1) Mash/process the biscuits till it resembles fine crumbs.
    For me, I put the biscuits into a big ziplock bag and crushed it with something 
    hard, like a mug, with a small folded towel underneath it on the kitchen top.

2) Melt butter in the microwave and mix well into the crumbs.
    Make sure all the crumbs are thoroughly coated by the melted butter or else 
    it won't harden when chilled. If the crumbs looks still dry and powdery, melt a 
    little more butter and adjust accordingly. Press the crumbs mixture into the    
    tincups using a small teaspoon and create a slight concave in it.
3) Place the cups onto a shallow baking tray and chill till harden (at least 1 hour).

Making the cream
1) In a big mixing bowl, add in the whipping cream, icing sugar (sieved), salt and 
    cream cheese. Whip till you get medium peaks or when you see the 
    cream thickens.

2) Chill for an hour.

For the topping
1) Slice the fruits into small neat pcs

2) Make sure the fruits are almost 'dried' if they are direct from the cans

Get ready your tarts!
1) Scoop a flat tablespoon of cream on top of the tart base
2) Decorate the fruit slices neatly on top of the cream
3) To glaze your tarts, scoop a big tablespoon of jam spread into a small saucepan 
    and add 3 tablespoon of water.   
    Lightly boil it till the jam is thoroughly melted with the water and sieve the 
    jam 'juice'. Chill for another 30 mins.

Create your own style of fruity tarts! You can use fruits like pineapple, blueberries or strawberries as well! Nice and freshing as a snack or dessert :)

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